Fox Casting is proud to work with the best in the business, we love representing our talented cast and crew. It's great to get feedback from people we've worked with in the industry.

All your guys were great, professional keen and nice people to have around.
Thanks for all your hard work.

J. Amos
2nd AD, Newcastle Brown Ale Advert

Hi my name is Serena-Kate. I have been with Fox Casting for 3 years. I really enjoy working on set and have been lucky to have already been given different casting opportunities.

Camilla is very supportive and friendly and is a great chaperone who always makes sure I’m ok, comfortable and happy with what I’ve been asked to do. I enjoy all aspects of drama and I just love to act and I feel that the opportunities I have already been given with Fox Casting has put me in good stead for the future. I’m only 11 so I’m still unsure on what I would like to do as a career when I leave school.  I’m undecided between an actress or forensic scientist!! Wouldn’t it be good if I could land an acting role as a forensic scientist? That would be a dream!!

Thank you Camilla, love, Serena-Kate.

Child Actor

Hello, my name is Josie Kwok, and I’ve been with Fox Casting for a bit over a year. In this time, I’ve been fortunate enough to take on two amazing projects; I absolutely loved the experience of being on set, working with such amazing people and seeing how what we see on our screens come to life. I would like to give great thanks to Camilla she’s so supportive and I wouldn’t have got those opportunities without her. Next year I’ll be starting my GCSE performing arts course and with Camilla’s guidance, continue to strive for my dreams working in the performance industry.

Josie Kwok
Child Actor

After leaving my agent in 2011 I joined Fox Casting in 2013. Since being with Fox Casting I have had numerous quality auditions; locally and in London; being interviewed by the directors on two occasions. I am very happy to say I am represented by Fox Casting.

Tony Hodges

I’ve had an interest in film and acting since graduating from university, but I never took this interest any further, at least not until I discovered Fox Casting. I contacted Camilla Fox and she soon secured me work as a TV and film extra, as well as auditions with various directors.

The work is varied and I get to meet very interesting people, this also helped me network and make new friends. I really feel I’ve developed my skills as an actor, and gained confidence both personally as well as professionally.

I’ve been with Fox Casting for almost three years now, and I hope to continue being represented by Camilla. If you’re interested in acting, having fun and meeting great people, Fox Casting is the agency for you.

Waseem Aslam

From day one I knew that I was meeting more than just an agent in Camilla. She cares about her clients and I actually recommend her to other professionals in the industry when asked. I am a director of an inclusive Theatre School and trust Camilla with some of our members when they have been on set.
Some of our children come from vulnerable backgrounds with anxiety issues and she always puts them at ease. If you are looking for an agent who truly cares then look no further than Fox Casting.

Alisar Hassanyeh
Actor & Director of True Colours Theatre
Camilla Fox is that rare find in a location manager – committed, personable and thoroughly professional.
She was a huge asset to Burning Men. She provided a strong boots-on-the-ground service for our London based production company, always there for us in pre-production and on set, and beyond. She was, and is, our Friend in the North (East). 
Location scouting, set management, supporting artist casting and generally full of helpful ideas to make the film as good as possible. I cannot recommend Camilla highly enough to any production shooting, or planning to shoot, in the North East.
Jeremy Wooding, Director ( Peep Show, Withnail and I) & Fiona Graham, Producer

I would like to say it’s a pleasure and a privilege to be represented by Fox Casting who are such professional and lovely people. I have been in this business 30+ years and understand what it’s like to work with real pro’s.

Paul Palance

Fox Casting has opened more doors than a Hilton doorman; giving all their stars a chance to shine.

Terry Joyce

Just wanted to say thanks for getting me involved in the ‘Bouncing Back’ commercial, I really enjoyed representing you, it was good fun. I look forward to more opportunities in the future with Fox Casting.

Jamie McKay

My mum introduced me to Fox Casting Agency just over 5 years ago. I am now 15. I was extremely shy back then, my mum encouraged me to join Fox Casting Agency, as she believed that working with them would be a really good for my confidence.

Immediately upon meeting Camilla, I felt at ease and excited about the range of opportunities and possibilities which lay ahead. Camilla has really encouraged and believed in me, which makes me feel really appreciated and highly valued.

Since joining the Fox Casting Agency, I have worked with my mum, and also on my own as an Extra on various projects. I found these opportunities really exciting, great work experience, working on set has taught me great discipline with things like time-keeping, being presentable, as well as being a good listener, and being able to respond positively to instruction and constructive criticism. I have enjoyed the work so much that I have decided to take up Performing Arts at GCSE in order to enhance and improve the skills I have learned being an Extra, my confidence has, and is, improving immensely because of my work gained through Fox Casting.

Nazarene Brightly
Child Actor

I am so impressed by my experiences with Fox Casting, I’ve taken part in some incredible jobs. The crew and directors at the events have been professional and prestigious. I have met some real characters amongst the extras and everybody has been so friendly and polite. Top class casting agency.

Catherine A
Supporting Artiste

I really appreciate what Fox Casting does on my behalf, and I look forward to working together on whatever opportunity comes along next. Thank you!

Ed Skelding
Supporting Artiste
I just wanted to say thank you so much for sending over such wonderful candidates!
Everyone was so punctual, polite, and so very professional… amazing! We all had a fantastic day at the shoot, and the candidates were just perfect.
I loved how each one brought appropriate clothes choices, how they called ahead as well to ensure they were at the address on time… they made the shoot a great success!


I would recommend Fox Casting because they are fully inclusive when it comes to my disability.
I have had some fab experience on set so far.
Camilla is both professional and down to earth.
I have also worked with people who I would love to work alongside again in the future.
Chloe Hammond

I just wanted to say thanks again to Fox Casting for making the dumping ground booking possible! It was great to gain some experience and lovely to meet some new faces.

Katie Brown
I went to my first audition when I was 7, landed the role and since then I have had paid work constantly. Camilla is always there for you and helps me immensely in what can be a tricky industry. I have played ‘MAX’ for 3 series in CBBC’s The Dumping Ground. I am now moving on to work in a new CBBC drama shooting this Summer 2022.
Jed Jefferson
Camilla worked with Transparent Television as location manager on a channel 5 documentary about Ant McPartlin, but location manager doesn’t really do justice to the numerous roles that she performed. As well as finding locations in and around Newcastle and negotiating filming access and permissions, she also tracked down contributors and previously unseen archive footage for the show. She has an extensive network of connections in the TV and film industry in the North East and always knows the right people to contact to make things happen. Superbly well organised and very knowledgeable, Camilla does everything efficiently and with an infectious enthusiasm which makes working with her an absolute pleasure.
Mike Williams, Director

I had the opportunity to work with Camilla and Fox Casting and it was the most positive experience imaginable. I would recommend them highly, equally to newcomers to the profession and seasoned actors.

Andy Dyson

Over the last few years the BA hons top up degree at NCL (Newcastle College) has developed a strong association with Fox Casting. The professional delivery and the vast knowledge delivered to students has been invaluable for the course. This relationship has developed with Camilla becoming the industry representative and her professional knowledge and insight into the industry has been a tremendous support to the course. Many of the past and current students have also gained industry experience and knowledge through the guidance and support of fox casting.

Gavin Huscroft

Fox Casting have represented me for a number of years now and it has been a great pleasure and a privilege working with them.
They have managed to secure me many auditions with some of Film & TV’S biggest names several of which have led to me obtaining leading rolls. Amongst these are clients such as; BBC, Gala Bingo and the National lottery.
I’d like to say thank you Fox Casting for all your hard work.

Olive Simbo

Ever since I was a child I have always wanted to get into acting of some sort, whether it be in Theatre or TV. I got an A in Drama at GCSE, l also attended various drama schools, in London in order to follow my dream, but sadly, this was to no avail.

However, when I moved to Newcastle this changed dramatically for me, when I was introduced to the Fox Casting Agency. Shortly after I registered with the agency work opportunities as an Extra were found quite regularly for me. Fox Casting owner, Camilla Fox, is always so thoughtful when considering my suitability for a role.

Evette Callender
Supporting Artiste
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