Julie Butterfield
Supporting Artiste & Mother of Child Actors
I am a mother of two girls who have been registered with Camilla Fox for acting work Camilla is known to me from Byker Grove over 25 years ago, where I undertook extra work, at that point Camilla was working as a runner. Even then she was a lively friendly lady who would always look out for the kids and adults in her care. When I realised she now had an agency in Newcastle I was very comfortable in signing up both my children with Fox Casting and trusting Camilla to act in the best interests of my children (9 and 13). Her experience in the industry left me in no doubt she was well connected and knowledgeable. Acting is a fickle industry, and up north opportunities for paid work are not plentiful. Often children look too old, young, small or too tall, sometimes other children get chosen over yours. Whatever the outcome Camilla always gets back to me with feedback. Since registration with Fox both girls have secured paid professional work. Commercials, corporate work, drama and short film work, all through Fox Casting. The girls have been busy this month 7 jobs between them, all paid, and on location across the North East, North West and London.