Fox Casting Talent Update


Before proceeding please read through the form and make sure you have the relevant information to hand, it will make it easier to quickly fill in the application form. You will be required to agree to our contract / terms & conditions, a copy of the terms & Conditions will also be emailed to you for your reference. This forms is your contract with us.

Applications for children under the age of 16 can only be accepted if submitted by a parent or guardian. If you are between 16 and 17 years old you can apply for yourself if you are still in full time education, but we will need all your parent and guardian’s details for us to confirm your application. We will check that the details provided in the application form are correct / true as a matter of child protection.

Child Cast & Model Update

This form is for registering children under 16, or children under 17 if they are in full time education. You must be the parent or guardian to apply.
  • Please submit the name of the child you want to register with Fox Casting, you must be their parent or guardian.
  • This needs to be a number a parent or guardian can be easily contacted on.
  • Parent or Guardian's email address. Please remember to check your spam folder for any emails from Fox Casting after sign up.
  • Please submit the name of the child you want to register with Fox Casting.
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • We need this, and at a later date your child's School to meet all regulatory standards.
  • Please upload a recent head and shoulders image here. You can submit a couple of images. ***UPLOAD TIPS*** JPEG file type is best. Take the photos with a plain background behind you. Please give a little smile on the head shot.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg, gif, Max. file size: 128 MB, Max. files: 5.
    • Please upload a recent full length shot here. You can submit a couple of images if needed. ***UPLOAD TIPS*** JPEG file type is best. Take the photos with a plain background behind you. Please have a straight face on the full length photo.
      Drop files here or
      Accepted file types: jpg, gif, jpeg, png, Max. file size: 128 MB, Max. files: 5.
      • Please update all items below that have changed

      • Tick all that apply to you.
      • This is so we can address your child respectfully.
      • We will ask you about other relevant medical details after you've registered with us. Tick all that apply to you.
      • e.g. Horse Rider, Magic, Children's Entertainer, Swimmer, Cyclist.
      • You are welcome to send us your CV and/or Showreel.
        Max. file size: 128 MB.
      • Fox Casting's Contract / Terms & Conditions

        Please read this is legally binding
        This is the agreement between you and Fox Casting and either party may refer to it later. Once Fox Casting leads you in to paid employment there will be commission payable, the rates are: £5 if gross earnings offered are under £29 per day. £10 if gross earnings offered are £30 to £59 per day. £15 if gross earnings offered are £60 to £79 per day. £20 if gross earnings offered are £80 to £100 per day. 20% if gross earnings offered are above £101 per day.
        • By joining Fox Casting you accept that commission is payable and will be deducted at source or paid by yourself if you are paid direct. You will usually be expected to make your own way to and from casting sessions and the location at your own cost, unless otherwise agreed. After activation, as a gesture of goodwill we may add photo(s) to our Social Media pages, such as Facebook, where a gallery talent is held Clients may view potential talent here. This links to our ‘Latest News’ on our website,
        • Please send up to date photos of yourself at regular intervals throughout the year, if you change hair colour or a have a dramatic new style, for children please send new images regularly as they grow quickly. If you turn up at a production looking completely different from the supplied photograph they can turn you away without pay but Fox Casting commission will still be applicable.
        • Production companies may specify that children under 16 be accompanied by a parent/guardian to the location/unit base, and possibly throughout the shoot. A fee is not paid to the adult for their time, unless otherwise agreed by the production company. Professional licensed chaperones must be employed by a production company, this means that parents won’t usually be allowed on set.
        • A filming licence is required for children. A parent or guardian must be willing to produce the required documents. This is a time consuming process and gives rise to an additional £20 fee for the first day of filming for a new production. Please always state which local authority your child lives in.
        • Fox Casting is by sole agency agreement ONLY. If you gain work for yourself, or with another agent (including modelling) or via another talent website, you are still liable for our commission. If you are currently registered with an agent or any talent websites you are kindly requested to inform them that you are leaving their books before joining Fox Casting. Excellent talent only require one agent. Sole agency is a two way process of commitment, an industry honoured professional way of working. Following other agents on the internet such as social media sites will be understood to be in breach of the sole agency agreement.
        • Fox Casting will liaise with the hirer / production company to give you any details of the location and times, plus iron out any queries that you may have. Fox Casting may be required to send an invoice, payable within 28 days, on your behalf. Personal details, including address, National Insurance number (to prove you have the right to work in the UK if over 16) and your bank information may be requested for this.
        • Cast, models and support cast (etc) work is a contract between you and the hirer / production company. You may be asked to sign a release form / agreement / or contract with them. All contracts, release forms etc. must be seen by Fox Casting for our approval before you sign, to ensure your best interests are covered. If you can’t forward it to us in advance, you can send by email as soon as possible.
        • The role of Fox Casting is to find possible openings of work for you. Fox Casting cannot be held liable, in the unlikely event of the hirer / production company not paying you for your work. In such an event Fox Casting will do its best to support attempts to get any overdue pay.
        • Cast, models and support cast are responsible for declaring any Tax and National Insurance on earnings, if not already deducted. Fox Casting is NOT an employment agency.
        • The production company booking your services may be able to hold you responsible for failing to fulfil the contract; such as none / late attendance or unsuitable behaviour such as taking photos without permission. Anyone failing to represent themselves in a positive manner will be removed from Fox Casting. Remember you are representing both yourself and Fox Casting.
        • If you fail to attend you will not be paid. If you fail to perform to a decent standard the company may not pay you. In both instances Fox Casting commission will still be due. If you put yourself forward for a role and then drop out, you are liable for the commission due to Fox Casting.
        • If your availability changes or you drop out in advance after saying you are interested, commission is still due because the majority of our work is finding you roles and putting you forward to the Production Company, in a format that suits them, dealing with queries before final bookings are made, even if you don't get booked, our work has been extensive. Sometimes booking are not made until the evening before a job, even if they have your details well in advance.
        • If you cancel due to illness the Production will require a Doctor’s letter to confirm this.
        • If you are booked for more than one day, you must attend all those days to be paid. You will affect continuity if you don’t attend for further days. Do not agree to an introduction of work if you are unsure. If you fail to attend for a multiple booking you may not be paid, even if you attended part of the booking. If you only partly attend, the full relevant booking fees will be deducted out of any payment due to you.
        • If the Production Company cancels your role, even at short notice you will unfortunately not be paid as no work has taken place.
        • Please do not take photos on set without permission from the Production Manager, sneaking photos is not professional and they may dismiss you without pay.
        • If you wish to leave Fox Casting you must send written notice, (via email is adequate). Fox Casting can also send notice to let you go. If we have to let you go, for example for any contravention of the Terms and Conditions / Unprofessional behaviour, a £20 non compliance fee is applicable. 14 days must pass before you are considered for or engaged in work via other agents (or work you have found yourself), otherwise you will be liable for the commission as set out above. If you have already begun a job that you were introduced to through Fox Casting or while you are on our books then our association can only finish when that work has been completed and our commission has been paid.
        • Potential hirers may be supplied with both your photo in the first instance, and then personal information once they book you. They are requested to not hold these once you have fulfilled the work and your fee is settled.
        • There are no guarantees of work (but if you don’t join you will never know).
        • There are no guarantees of work, but if you don’t join you will never know. Call times can sometimes be very early in the morning and wrap late in the evening after a long day but it’s an experience to be enjoyed. Consider taking snacks and a book as you will sometimes be waiting around. Welcome to Fox Casting.
        • Call times can sometimes be very early in the morning and wrap late in the evening after a long day but it’s an experience to be enjoyed. Consider taking snacks and a book as you will sometimes be waiting around.
        • We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions, so please check them regularly when we send them out with casting briefs. Fox Casting has a GDPR compliant privacy policy on the website, you can find the link within the ‘about’ page, or click the link below.
        • All Adult Cast, SA’s and Walks on must have a Clear DBS to work on a set where children are present on BBC Productions and those commissioned for the BBC. Similar rules govern other Broadcasters as a matter of Child Protection Policy. If you have have a DBS check please send to us with the start date. You can apply on the link below, if you do not have one. We require a DBS check every 18 months. You must inform us of any Sexual Offences (convictions) relating to the Sexual Act of 2003. We cannot then supply you to any Production. Those without a basic DBS are already excluded from a number of shoots as a matter of Child Protection. There are no exceptions, sorry.
        • You are responsible for checking that a company you work for has Public Liability Insurance. You are advised to have your own Public Liability Insurance as Fox Casting does not employ you, or offer this cover to you, we cannot accept any claims.