Sue Sweeney

Actor, Comedienne, Presenter, Broadcaster & Singer
Sue Sweeney's IMDb Profile

Sue Sweeney’s IMDb Profile


Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5’2

Dress: 14

Chest: 38

Waist: 28

Inside leg: 28

Shoe: 5

Acting, Comedy & Singing

Sue Sweeney Comedy Circus Show

George Gently (Police woman)

Film Song for Marion (Singer in Choir with speaking part.) Vanessa Redgrave

BBC  One. The One Show

BBC Doco on The Olympic Torch

Stand up shows Theatre Customs House South Shields

Gala Durham

Phoenix Blyth

Stanley Empire

Richmond Theatre

Robson Greens Video to Saturday Night at the Movies

ITV promotion for Haggerston Castle.

Vic Reeves Standup Britain

Funny Up North

The Entertainers


Film The Wedding

Adverts Brown Ale /  Hartlepool Royal Quays

Our Friends in the North

Crocodile Shoes

Byker Grove – Mrs Talbot

February 2006


Thompson – Cruise Ship Speaker and Comedienne

Although my job was to entertain according to the schedule, I represented the company at all times, not switching off. I spent the entire time I was onboard learning about the passengers and making sure they were enjoying their experience. I learnt a lot about people on board the ship, it was an opportunity for me to learn about new cultures.

Radio Broadcasting

July 1997 – present:

BBC Radio Producer/Presenter for BBC Tees and BBC Newcastle


This role requires excellent communication skills between the radio team and most importantly the audience. I am often both the producer and presenter of lengthy radio shows and so this job demands creativity and contacts. Forward planning is key, setting up guests and interviewing the public. I deal with celebrities on a weekly basis and do so professionally and discreetly. I have an excellent knowledge of the North east region and have never missed a deadline. I’m an ambassador for the BBC, often representing them at events and presenting to clients.


January 2005

Chronicle Columnist

This role is a great example of my creativity. My weekly column received great feedback from the editors and the readers. It was my opportunity to take my personality and put it on paper. I gained many contacts through my writing and enjoyed the challenge of working as a print journalist. This role required me to be up to speed with all news outputs and current affairs.




A broadcasting producer and presenter. A well known voice of local BBC radio and a well known face of the region’s theatres. An award winning comedienne. An executive sales woman and a self employed business woman of 25 years. 

Training & Licenses

Education – GCSE English / Music / Religious Studies / Home Economics


Durham Academy – Trained vocalist and actress.


BBC – Completed Trust Training. Law trained in the Broadcasting Code, familiar with Ofcom rules and producer guidelines. Trained in recording and editing, also script writing.


Awards – Three time winner of ‘Stand-up Comic of the Year’ – The only woman to ever take the title.


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I am reliable and trustworthy and well respected in the North East. I am a valued member of the BBC team. I produce hours of entertaining conversation for my listeners every week. I have supporters across the region which is reflected in my excellent listening figures.

I am a confident person who loves public interaction. I am a warm character, people find me approachable and I find this is the key to creating contacts. My contacts, in turn, are the key to my business. I am always ready for a challenge. I’m a people person, a team player and a dedicated business woman.

Sue Sweeney